Exciting News: Alpha Luxe Group Teams Up with Istrien Immobilien to Redefine Luxury Real Estate in Istria

Alpha Luxe Group Teams Up with Istrien Immobilien

We at Alpha Luxe Group are delighted to announce a partnership that goes beyond just working together; it signifies a shared commitment to excellence in the Istrian real estate sector. By joining hands with Istrien Immobilien our goal is to enhance the property purchasing experience offering our clients an entry into the world of luxury real estate.

Reasons for Collaborating with Istrien Immobilien

Our collaboration with Istrien Immobilien is built on a dedication to quality, professionalism and above all customer satisfaction. Through the integration of our strengths we are expanding our scope to provide you with a wider range of upscale properties and comprehensive services that reflect the esteemed reputation of Alpha Luxe Group.

What It Means for You as Our Valued Client

  1. An Extensive Selection; Our enhanced property portfolio now encompasses everything from coastal villas to tranquil countryside getaways ensuring there's something special for every discerning client. 
  2. Exceptional Service Standards; Each recognized for our services individually this partnership enhances our ability to meet your requirements with accuracy and attentiveness starting from initial consultations through to, after sales assistance.
  3. Tailored Solutions; Your unique vision deserves services. With Istrien Immobilien we offer custom real estate solutions that align with your specific goals. 
  4. Collaborative Expertise; Drawing on our experience in luxury real estate our expert teams work together to provide insightful and comprehensive support to ensure your investment is a strategic decision for the future.

Exploring the Partnership between Alpha Luxe Group and Istrien Immobilien

Interview with Robert Budimir

What property options can clients expect from your collaboration with Istrien Immobilien?

Clients will gain access to a range of exclusive properties. Whether you seek a seaside villa or a countryside estate we guarantee a match for your lifestyle or investment needs through our combined portfolios.

How will this partnership boost the market visibility of properties for sellers?

Sellers can expect increased exposure, for their properties and the implementation of marketing tactics to reach a broader more targeted audience. This strategic approach aims to attract buyers and secure optimal sale outcomes.

How are you incorporating sustainability into your real estate offerings through this collaboration?

We are committed to prioritizing sustainability in our initiatives. By implementing eco friendly construction practices and sustainable investments we aim to ensure that your future property not only respects the environment but also endures the test of time.

What opportunities does Istrias real estate market now present with this partnership?

This collaboration positions Istria as a destination for a global clientele. It has drawn interest highlighting the regions potential for luxurious living and lucrative investment prospects.

Can I anticipate receiving real estate services through your partnership?

Certainly. Personalization is fundamental to how we operate. We place emphasis on understanding and catering to your individual needs offering tailored property searches, guidance throughout transactions and post sale support.

What impact do you envision your partnership will have on Istrias real estate market in the future?

Our goal is to establish a lasting legacy of excellence, trustworthiness and superior quality, in the real estate industry. Through our partnership we aim to set standards that make every aspect of your real estate journey fulfilling and successful both now and in the years ahead.


Managing Director

A company is only as good as the team and the network. The realization of customer wishes is a task that is accepted and implemented by the team, depending on their competence. 


Managing Director

Martin Metz, has been buying, renovating and building new properties in Istria since 1989. There is therefore hardly anything in the construction sector that he has not already managed at some point during this time.

Join us as we enter a chapter in the world of real estate. We extend an invitation to explore the unique services and opportunities that our partnership with Istrien Immobilien has to offer. Delve into our property listings and let us assist you in achieving your real estate goals in the stunning Istria region.

Experience the workmanship of Istrien Immobilien developments and the top notch service provided by Alpha Luxe Group.

Together we are not just selling houses; we are offering the Istrian living experience.Bottom of Form

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